Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where are you?

Today when we were in church it was fast and testimony meeting where the church members have the opportunity to stand up and bear their testimony if they choose. Our stake President happened to be there during the meeting. Several women stood and spoke of their testimony over the course of the hour. The Missionaries stood at the end and bore their testimonies.

Afterward, our Stake President stood and made mention that he was grateful the women stood to bear their testimonies but that until the missionaries stood...not one single Priesthood holder stood during the hour. He then asked a simple, but profound question. "Brethren, where are you?"

This question wasn't just meant to remind us to ask ourselves where we are in a literal physical sense, but where are we spiritually? It made Chris and think about whether or not we are doing those things we should be doing to be the best people we can be? The best examples to our children? The best spouses? the best daughters and the best sons? Our Stake President only spoke for about 5 short minutes and in that time he asked at least 3 times "Brethren, where are you?"

I have pondered that question all day today, and it has really made me put on my thinking cap and think about where I am now. Where I want to be and most of all where I need to be.

After church we walked into the house and Connor looked at his dad and said "Dad, you know you have to bear your testimony next month don't you?" And Chris replied "Yes, I think I will. "