Monday, May 25, 2015

The phantom strikes...

A series of strange events took place on Saturday and Sunday. Halee's only wish for her 17th birthday was to accompany Chris and I to see phantom of the opera. I have always wanted to see this production so couldn't wait. I purchased tickes 4 months in advance and we've been counting down the days ever since. I tucked my tickets away for safe keeping until the big day (this last Saturday.) We ate out before and are waiting in line to turn in our beloved and treasured tickets when they are scanned and the scanner says "INVALID." The scanner guy looks at the tickets and says "these were for Friday...yesterday" stomach dropped through the floor. This was the final night...SOLD OUT. I had missed the date. How? Howww?????? I still do not know. We were rejected and sent away. So many thoughts...poor halee, how did I do that? How can I get in without getting arrested? I quickly realized it was too late and nothing could be done. Thankfully halee wasn't dwelling on it like I was. 

The next day my best friend texted and said "we have a treasure to bring you" so she shows up at my house with her husband, 3 daughters and niece and performs the cutest, funniest version of phantom of the opera you could ever imagine. This lifted out spirits and was EXACTLY what we needed.

After they left Chris and I went a little crazy and got all dressed up and performed (for the kids) a few phantom songs...karaoke style. The kids did a beautiful set for us, with rose petals scattered and all. The best part was I still fit in my wedding dress...praise the heavens above. That was a beautiful moment.

All in all, yes...we missed phantom, but with the help of wonderful friends, a resilient daughter and a husband willing to play dress up, it all worked out and we are all smiling again.

She was just 17....

My halee bug is 17 years old. It creeped up on us and I feel like throwing myself at the door and holding it locked so the thief in the night cannot steal her away and take her to adult land. Luckily I still have one more year before I freak out too much...but freakyille is on it's way....guaranteed.

Gosh, we love you halee. People that aren't close to you know you as quiet, reserved, observant halee. We know you as ambitious, tenacious, and ridiculously funny halee. We love you for all that you are and all you're becoming. Stay true to who you are miss halee, because who you are is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Running naked...

You know you have a best friend when you accidently have the same toothbrush.

My friend Tammy and I ran another half marathon this weekend. We planned this several months back. I kind of looked at it as a "run naked" kind of half. And I by no means mean that literally...I wouldn't punish the other runners around me by doing that. What I do mean is run without a watch, with a care, without a goal. Run to have fun. A Mother's Day gift to ourselves, so to speak. And so, that is what we did. It was a fairly small race and  so was not chip timed so we actually have no clue what we ran it in. It was one of the most fun runs I've ever done for that reason. Don't get me wrong....I love the competition and adrenaline that running brings, but once in a while you have to have fun to remember why you like running in the first place. I'm thankful I have a best friend to have adventures like this with. I'm thankful I have a husband who encourages it. I'm just so gosh darn thankful.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day...the very best holiday on earth...

I did a very bad thing on Mother's Day of all days. I watched a family video of when we brought our firstborn home from the hospital. Why is this bad you ask? Because made me want another baby. And by golly that just can't happen. But made me remember that my very happiest, most cherished times in this life have been having beautiful, wonderful, cherished babies. I can't say I'm the best mom in the whole world, but what I can say is that my babies were and always are, bathed, fed, nurtured and loved. Hopefully this means that when they grow up, they remember the good I had to offer, and maybe forget the times I yelled, overreacted, or lacked the patience or listening ear they needed. I can tell u this...I'm trying. As moms that's all we can really do, right? Press forward and when we mess up...don't beat ourselves up but vow to once again, TRY. I love motherhood. Maybe it's because I had a wonderful mother, maybe it's because I have wonderful children, or better yet...maybe it's because I have both.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Grace's Baptism...

It's almost as though she's been waiting for this moment her entire life. Like she was born for this very second of her life. She's been talking about it the last six months. "Mom, I get to be baptized on May 1st!!" I've heard this repeated about a thousand times over. I have never tired of hearing it because her testimony of her Savior is contagious. Receiving the gift of The Holy Ghost, is actually a gift to her. It's real to her. So, when I say that it's as though she's been waiting for this moment her entire life, I actually mean that. Grace, you have been in this world 8 whole years. Every second of that 8 years you have brought us joy. Your decision to be baptized makes our hearts swell with happiness. We want you to be happy your entire life. We want you to have real joy. The decisions you are making now will ensure true joy if you continue to live a life with a constant invitation to have the Savior as a part of that. We love you, beautiful Grace Elisabeth.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Guys/girls weekend

Chris had some continuing education classes he attended this past weekend and decided to make it a guy's trip and took all three boys along. They of course had the time of their lives...eating out, going to the movies, swimming, etc.

This worked out nice for a "girls, at home weekend." We stayed up late, ate out lots and enjoyed the peace and quiet. We did miss our loud boys though, I must admit.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Beautiful inside and out...

Every time the girls want a makeover they always have one request "we want to
Look like u mommy." This makes me laugh because they are 10 times more beautiful than I could ever possibly be. But they love me I guess because I'm their mom...and gosh darn it, I feel so blessed to be that to them.